but then it hits me

crashing waves of lingering lucidity

visions of pure perception

glimpses of true Reality

grasp it, taste it

sweet salient of Truth

a symphony of cosmic simplicity

and then

like flitters of fire


into whispers of devastating allurements

but I hold on

I hold on

grasping, gasping

with all might




wait for the realization

open the eyes of the heart

and see with the eyes of the soul

see the Mercy

that penetrates

every cell, every atom, every particle of

this existence

my existence

beautiful complex cosmic irony

Mercy meets my madness

surrounds, serenades, forgives

fortifies my being

I let go

I let go

and fall into

the craddle of the

Eternal Theophany

wage beauty| published in McSweeny’s Internet Tendency; Anchor Magazine| recipient of the 2018 SCBWI Emerging Voices Award

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