Jul 20, 2019

Painted in the complex complexion of ambiguity,

I am the forgotten middle.

The boxes ask.

The boxes determine.

Strategize: identify or assimilate?

Preferred or Discriminated?

African: check.

Black: inapplicable.

Asian: check.

Minority: ineligible.

White: check.

Privilege: incompatible.

Ethnically: multifarious.

Ethnically: condemned.

Racially one.


Not white enough.

Not brown enough.



Jul 17, 2019

as the ticks of the clock

haul the ships to their dock

and all that is said

and all that is done

alight on the shores of remorse

and all that was not

and all that is not

adrift perilously unmoored

those embarked fail to see

the coming swells…



Amira Bennabi Kunbargi

Amira Bennabi Kunbargi

wage beauty| published in McSweeny’s Internet Tendency; Anchor Magazine| recipient of the 2018 SCBWI Emerging Voices Award